How Long Does The Effects of Cosmetic Surgery Last?

By cosmetic surgery fat tissues can be taken out, eye bags can be re informed, neck or face lift can turn back. But it doesn’t stop your age. As you get older, these can grow back again. You can do this surgery more than one time, but there are some limits for same and successful repetitions.

Lasting Effect on Face:

Your frown line and crow’s feet can be treated with Botox that helps to reduce and prevent wrinkling further by paralyzing muscles beneath your skin. It should not be done below the age group of thirty. Applying it on very younger people can be caused aunnecessary loss of facial expression. Depending on the dose and individual’s immunity it lasts three to five months.

If you have excess skin around your eye or bags under your eye, so, that can be surgically removed. It can be good for the age group of forty five. To remove your loose skin you need to update your eyes in about seven to ten years.

In case of cheek lifting, fillers such as Restylane restore and reduce wrinkles by adding volumes. Or else fat transplant procedure can also be used, where fat is taken from thigh and buttocks and injected to the face. The best age of starting the procedure is thirty seven. After one year or one year six month’s fillers need replacement, whereas fat transplant can last for seven to ten years. But it is not reliable.

Surgeries can remove the appearance of bended neck r removal jowls around the jaw by tightening the muscle layers. After forty eight the surgery can be done to make a significant difference. It can be updated after seven to ten years.

effects of plastic surgery

Lasting Effects on Body:

At present era breast are formed by a type of silicone gel which does not leak. It can be fixed firmly beneath the breast by small incisions. It heals with minimum scarring. Breast implantation should not be done before eighteen. The right age of breast enhancement is from early twenties to thirties. It last for twelve to fifteen years.

During a surgery breast tissues and skin can be removed to give it a lift. The surgery is effective for reducing large breasts also. The perfect age of best reduction is in between eighteen to twenty five or it can be done after forty. It may need to update the procedure after seven years or it can grow in size after certain time.

After giving a child birth two columns of abdominal can be pulled apart and stretched permanently. By tummy tuck surgery the skin can be tightened and the tummy muscles can be stitched back together. The right age of this thing done is after thirty five or after having your last baby. These procedures are usually permanent.

Before going for a cosmetic surgery keep it in mind that nothing is permanent. So if you want to have this procedure to make yourself more beautiful, make it complete by updating the whole process if required.

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